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Welcome to GeuCee Beauty. A beauty brand for those bold enough to embrace their individuality and be authentically themselves.


Stand out from the crowd and embrace your individuality

Our Story

GeuCee Beauty was created for those daring enough to embrace their individuality and uniqueness. It was born from a place of misfit and being different; to loving and embracing all parts of what it means to be authentic and unique.

Growing up, I always struggled to find the right lip gloss shade to compliment my lips so always ended up getting clears. Not having access to a range of colours that suited darker complexions was a real pain point for me, I won't even get into foundation shades! I got so frustrated that I couldn't find anything affordable and fitting, I decided to make my own. This is where GeuCee Beauty was born.

GeuCee Beauty was born to be different and not blend in with the crowd; with inclusivity being at the heart of GeuCee Beauty. As individuals, we may stand out, but we never want to be left out, this is why all our products are designed with you in mind, with shade ranges that fit both ends of the spectrum and everything in-between.

It's a beauty brand for those who love and embrace their individuality. A brand that aids you to show your unique creativity. You no longer have to feel alone or frustrated that you can't find a shade that you love, (or one that doesn't smell like it's been chemically manufactured. Yuck!). So wipe those sticky, chap forming glosses away, and embrace your individuality with

GeuCee Beauty

Authentically You-nique.

- Genevieve, Founder


Our Reviews

Why Us?

Aside from our 5-star reviews, crippling cute packaging and innovative designs, we not only strive to provide each and every one of you with the best quality products, but we also do so in the most ethical way we possibly can.

Each and every one of our goodies are vegan and cruelty free. We also try to be as sustainable as we possibly can.

All our lip glosses are handmade with the utmost respect, love and care for the planet and for you.

The Making Process

Every tool we use to make our lip smacking gloss; from the mixers to the bowls, are either 100% biodegradable or recyclable so you can rest assured that very minimal waste is being produced in the making of your irresistible glosses.

And if this wasn't enough, each and every one of our glosses are handmade with Pure Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil which helps moisturise and soften the lips. We also add Vitamin E which has humectant properties which helps to hydrate the lips and emollient properties that help protect the lips' barrier.

Not only are our lip glosses amazing for your lips, but we scour for weeks to find the best, and only the best, flavour oils for our glosses so they smell irresistible.

Just in case you're still wondering what this all means, it means our glosses are non-sticky, hydrating, and smell absolutely delicious.

Pucker up! x

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